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Yoga classes for Teens and Adults

Teen Yoga in Newlands and Eastbourne

This class will introduce concept of mindfulness in movement and stillness and focus on positive self-awareness, stress-management and self-care. We will learn the Sun Salutations A and B and use them to warm up, as well as a variety of Standing Poses. We’ll play with balance on hands, forearms and standing on one leg, and weave theses poses into our flow. We practice backbends every class to counter that computer/texting neck and spine! Classes will increase awareness of anatomy, healthy alignment, and which poses can be used to stretch which muscle groups before and after sport. Self-acceptance guides our practice. Yoga is for everyone!

Muritai Yacht Club, Eastbourne
Gentle Hatha Yoga, Wednesday 11 am – 12 pm

This gentle class offers options for a range of abilities. We will focus on breath and mindfulness as the foundation of our movement. Focused effort on core stability and standing poses will build strength and balance, seated and floor work enhance flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow at Pause Yoga and Hot Yoga Lower Hutt

Vinyasa means ‘to place in order’. All classes begin with a meditation or breathing exercise to establish mindful movement. In a vinyasa flow class, we link the postures together with the Sun Salutations to create heat and move with the breath on the inhale, or the exhale. Classes intelligently follow a sequence that leads to a ‘peak pose’ or explores an anatomical focus, or area of the body. We’ll cool down with backbends and counterposes to relieve tension and increase flexibility, then finish with Savasana, our final reclining resting pose.

Yin Yoga and Yin-Yang Yoga
at Hot Yoga Lower Hutt

Yin Yoga offers a different challenge than a vinyasa class. In a vinyasa class, the focus is on muscular engagement and effort, while in a Yin class, we move into a seated or reclining posture, target a muscle group and stay for 2-5 minutes. With attention to breath, or holding the mind steady in meditation we allow the muscle fibers and connective tissue to yield slowly. This is followed by a rebound affect with fresh blood flow and increased flexibility. It is a wonderful stand alone practice, or complement to a vinyasa practice or any athletic endeavor.

Yin-Yang Yoga combines creative flows with luscious yin, the perfect balance of effort and ease.

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Pause Yoga

Hot Yoga Lower Hutt

Private bookings for individuals and groups

Private classes can help you meet your personal goals, learn to modify poses to meet the needs of your body or an injury, or suit your schedule. This could be a one-off, series of classes, or ongoing. We begin by identifying your goals and agreeing on an outcome. At the conclusion of our work together I will provide you with an personalized sequence in either written or video form and suggestions for your next steps.  I am happy to provide testimonials from other satisfied clients! Limited availability. Price based on location and length of session. Use the contact form to inquire.


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