About Us

“I love this practice. It  inspires me to always be a student, curious and eager to grow. I  learn from my teachers and  from the unfolding of my own practice with it’s  insights into my body, mind and spirit.”


Kula Yoga’s vision is to bring the ancient wisdom of yoga
to modern yogis of all ages and abilities.


The wanderings of my twenties found me, much to my surprise, traveling overland from Europe to India. I lived for a year in temples, huts and on beaches, washed my clothes in the rivers and absorbed teachings on yoga and meditation. It wasn’t until I returned to the USA that I began a physical yoga practice at a community college, and at the SFIntegral Yoga Institute in exchange for pulling weeds.

I put the practice aside for years, short on time and money, while I raised a family but knew I would come back.  Running and swimming kept me fit enough until a running injury required I stop.  I made my way to Kaya Yoga in Davis, California and it’s been a mad love affair ever since. I enrolled in Kaya Yoga’s 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 to deepen my practice. I loved the immersion into philosophy, anatomy, alignment, pranayama and meditation and relished every moment. I didn’t expect to teach, but found myself intensely drawn to the challenge of bringing the teachings of yoga to others.

With three children of my own and work as an early childhood and subject teacher at the local Waldorf School teaching yoga to children was a natural next step. It was clear to me how the teachings of mindfulness and movement together can benefit young bodies and minds and be a lifelong gift learned early.

My family and I settled in Eastbourne, New Zealand in August of 2014 and by January of 2015 I was teaching the first Kula Kids Yoga classes in our extra office-converted studio and adult classes at the extraordinary Pause Yoga in Days Bay.  

I’m so grateful to be part of the Wellington area yoga community where I’ve found like minds, inspiring souls and huge hearts. I’m also grateful to Ken, who has been a steady support of my yoga teaching, both emotionally and financially.

“I love this practice. It  inspires me to always be a student, curious and eager to grow. I  learn from my teachers and  from the unfolding of my own practice with it’s  insights into my body, mind and spirit.”

Jeanne Balding-Weinstock

Jeanne Balding-Weinstock – business creator and yoga instructor


-over 1000 hours of teaching kids, teens, and adults!

-Kaya Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training

-MiniYogis Foundational 10 hour Yoga for Kids

-Joe Barnett’s 50 hour Yin Level 1

-Joe Barnett’s 40 hour Chakras and Assisted Yin Level 2

-90Monkeys’ 27 hour Hands on Assisting Module with Amy Ippoletti

-workshops with Maty Ezraty, Tiffany Cruikshank, Noah Maze, Rocky Heron, and online training with Doug Keller, Judith Lasater, Leslie Howard, Donna Farhi and more.

Favorite Yoga Pose of the moment – Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)

Favorite Children’s Book – Miss Rumphius

Fun fact – one of my ancestors is Milton Hershey, creator of milk chocolate and the Hershey factory!

Clare Weinstock

She’ll lead the craft workshop with Chloe at the Mum & Daughter Yoga Retreat as well as natural spa day.

Clare is a lover of music with a particular passion for travel and dance. She likes the movement of yoga and Acro-yoga. You might have seen her flying on the Kula Kids Yoga posters. If she were a movie, she’d be Coraline. Some of her favorite musicians are Lana del Rey, the Beatles, and Rabbit Wilde.

Chloe Weinstock

Chloe will lead the Tween/Teen craft workshop while mums do yoga and co-lead the natural spa day at the Mum and Daughter retreat. She also publishes the Monday-ish Mantra.

She is a burgeoning marine scientist and an enthusiastic and playful yogi, with a love for waterfalls, cooking, hula hooping, watercolors, and all things octopus. She has been studying bioluminescence in California since graduating from uni, and spent some months in New Zealand, where she was constantly finding shells and stones and other ocean treasures in her pockets.
She has a smiley face tattoo on the tip of her toe that smiles at her in downward dog. It reminds her of her favorite yoga quote, “If you can’t even half-smile when you’re doing something challenging, it means you are pushing too hard” by her second favourite yoga teacher, Kathryn Budig.
She is so excited to be a part of Kula Yoga because her Mom is her number one favourite yoga teacher, and she feels lucky to share this with you all(:


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